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Elevating Creativity: Tailored Solutions for Content Innovators

Specializing in Solutions for Content Creators

At Evoverse, we're not just playing games – we're redefining the playground. We create custom software that keeps players engaged and excited. Tailor-made software that hooks players? Check. Pulse-pounding experiences that glue eyes to screens? Double-check. Ready for a gaming experience that's ahead of its time? Evoverse is your arcade.

Step into a world where iGaming meets live streaming, creating a dynamic space for creators. Whether it's on Twitch or Discord, we're crafting the tools that bring energy and excitement to the gaming community. Our services are designed to energize your content and engage your audience like never before.


Stream Moderator Bots

Our bots are more than just moderators – they're entertainers and audience magnets. They keep your chat rooms lively and engaging, ensuring your viewers are always entertained and eager for more.


Live Streaming Tools

Enhance your live streams with tools that make you stand out. Our overlays, alerts, and interactive features not only add flair to your streams but also create a captivating atmosphere for your audience.


Audience Interaction Platforms

Let's turn spectators into superfans! Raffles, polls, quizzes—our gear makes your audience the stars of the show. Engage like never before and watch your fan base transform from silent watchers to shout-it-from-the-rooftops supporters.


Integration & Extensions

Seamless? That's how we roll. Our plug-and-play solutions melt into your favorite streaming platforms like butter on hot toast. Keep your audience glued, 'cause with zero hitches, they're in for smooth sailing - or should we say streaming?

Tailored Solutions that Captivate, Secure, and Adapt for Success

Elevate Your iGaming Experience

Tailored Solutions for the iGaming Industry


From intuitive user experiences to robust back-end systems, we have proven expertise in creating solutions that captivate users and drive ROI for businesses.

Advanced Technology & Security


Harnessing the power of modern technologies, our team crafts gaming platforms that are not only engaging but also secure. With transactions, personal details, and high-stakes games at play, we prioritize the safety and privacy of players.

Interactive Gaming Experiences


Whether it's a dynamic raffle, an immersive slot machine, or a strategic poker game, our development approach centers around the player's experience.

Seamless Integration with Third-party Platforms


Recognizing the interconnected nature of the iGaming world, our solutions are designed for seamless integration with various third-party platforms.

Adaptable & Scalable Solutions


The iGaming industry is ever-evolving. Our forward-thinking approach ensures the solutions we develop today remain relevant and adaptable for the demands of tomorrow.

Elevate Your iGaming Experience with Evoverse

Players' Top Pick: Why Evoverse?

Welcome to Evoverse, your gateway to iGaming excellence.
We're not just developers; we're your strategic partners in online gaming.


Ordering Chaos

At Evoverse, we turn complex digital challenges into clear, secure solutions. Our approach to project management prevents chaos, ensuring transparent and orderly innovation. Trust us to guide you with precision and ease in the ever-evolving digital landscape.



Every business has its own identity, and our IT services are sculpted to match yours perfectly. We deliver personalized solutions that fit your enterprise like a glove, aligning with your ambitions and paving the way for your growth.



Our IT solutions are designed for scalability, supporting your journey from startup to enterprise. We adapt with you at every stage, ensuring smooth progress as you grow. Your expansion is our goal.


Confidence & Security

At our core, we balance innovative technology with seasoned expertise. Our solutions are as secure as they are revolutionary, giving you the confidence to embrace cutting-edge technology with the backing of experience.


It has been an absolute pleasure working with Evoverse team. Their responsiveness and understanding have been remarkable throughout our collaboration. Each task was completed not just on time, but with exceptional attention to detail, reflecting their wise time management. I am extremely satisfied with our partnership and look forward to future projects.



Dynamic Points and Monetization Systems, Rewards System, Content Management

Working with Evoverse on the project has been fantastic for my streams. The way they've connected with top-notch casinos and made sure everything runs smoothly even when lots of people are online has really made a difference. My viewers are loving it, and I'm thrilled to have Evoverse as a partner!”



Community Engagement Tools, Rewards System

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FAQ’s: Have Questions?


Don’t worry, whatever it is, we’ve got you covered in our FAQ.

What is AEMS?

Streamers need AEMS (Affiliate Engagement Management Suite) to create a vibrant, interactive community. It helps them reward loyal viewers, increase engagement, and build a fun environment that keeps the audience coming back. The result is a more dedicated fan base, higher stream traffic, and potentially, increased revenue through more consistent viewership and affiliate partnerships.

Are all games created by us “provably fair”?

Yes, our games are designed with transparent mechanisms that allow players to verify the fairness of each game, making them 'provably fair.' This ensures that neither the house nor the player can influence the outcomes, fostering trust and integrity in the gaming experience.

Can we have an integration with 3rd party service which doesn’t have a public API?

Yes, our team specializes in integrating with third-party services that lack public APIs. We use innovative methods for seamless integration, demonstrated by our successful full-scale integration with Kick, the streaming platform. Our approach guarantees robust and professional integration, even without standard API access.

Can I come in with just a rough idea for my iGaming product?

Certainly, feel free to approach us with just a basic concept of your iGaming product. Our team has the expertise to evolve your ideas into complete, market-ready products. We provide extensive support covering legalities, marketing, development, consulting, and operations, turning your vision into a successful reality.

What sets Evoverse apart from similar iGaming companies?

Evoverse is unique due to its focus on cutting-edge technology and convenient layout. We put a premium on developing solutions that are easy to implement and use, have cutting-edge functions, and stimulate users like never before.

Does Evoverse work with other game systems?

Integrating third-party services is a breeze with Eovoverse. Our solutions are compatible with many different types of gaming software, so operators can make the switch with as little hassle as possible.

How secure are Evoverse's iGaming solutions?

Evoverse places a premium on safety. To protect operator and player data to the greatest standard, we use cutting-edge authentication and encryption methods.

What technology does Evoverse use in its iGaming solutions?

Evoverse uses cutting-edge technologies like blockchain and web3 to provide innovative and long-lasting iGaming options.

In what ways does Evoverse assist its customers?

Evoverse is dedicated to offering first-rate assistance to its clients. Clients can reach out to our specialized support team at any time (within the specified hours) with any questions, concerns, or requests they may have.

Can Evoverse assist with rollout and first user setup?

Absolutely. Eovoverse provides in-depth onboarding services to help new users quickly adapt to the platform. Our team collaborates closely with customers to answer their questions and solve any problems that may arise.

Why do content creators need AEMS?

Content creators need AEMS to build a vibrant, interactive community. It enables them to reward loyal viewers, boost engagement, and create a fun atmosphere, encouraging audience retention. This leads to a dedicated fan base, higher stream traffic, and potentially increased revenue from consistent viewership and affiliate partnerships.