Front-End (React + NextJS) Developer

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About the Evoverse

Evoverse is a full-lifecycle tech development company that provides our customers with best-in-class solutions with focus on  iGaming industry applications. Our goal is simple: help clients business excel in a constantly changing digital world.

We are looking for a skilled Middle React+Next.js Developer for our new project.


  • ReactJS: 2+ year in-depth knowledge of ReactJS fundamentals, hooks, context, and the component lifecycle;
  • Next.js Proficiency: Strong knowledge in Next.js 13+ with app router;
  • JavaScript (ES6+)/TypeScript;
  • CSS/SCSS: Expertise in CSS and preprocessors like SCSS;
  • HTML5: Advanced understanding of HTML5 and semantic markup;
  • State Management: Experience with state management libraries (e.g., Redux, MobX, Context API);
  • APIs: Experience with RESTful services and asynchronous request handling (AJAX, Fetch API, Axios);
  • Build Tools: Proficiency with build tools and bundlers (e.g., Webpack, Babel, npm/yarn);
  • Version Control: Proficient use of version control systems, especially Git;
  • WebSockets: Experience with real-time data communication using WebSockets;
  • CI/CD: Familiarity with continuous integration and deployment pipelines;
  • English level at least A2;


  • Work with the team to gather project requirements and develop technical solutions;
  • Produce high-quality, maintainable code using modern programming practices;
  • Implement and maintain the front-end of the application;
  • We are encouraged to use AI tools (Copilot, ChatGPT etc.);

Will be a plus:

Experience in iGaming or Gambling Industry.

Recruitment process:

Recruitment interview - Technical interview

We offer:

  • Remote work;
  • Flexible schedule and ability to manage your working hours;
  • Competitive and regularly salary in crypto currency ( saves around 5% on taxes);
  • 50$ for your sport activities (one-time payment);
  • Premium access to AI tools;
  • Working in a team of skilled and experienced specialists;
  • Opportunities for professional development;

We are not a huge corporation that means a minimum of bureaucracy and maximum attention. In an atmosphere of creativity and clear management, we will try to make your work as comfortable as interesting.

Join us in shaping the future of IT development.




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Don’t worry, whatever it is, we’ve got you covered in our FAQ.

What sets Evoverse apart from similar iGaming companies?

Evoverse is unique due to its focus on cutting-edge technology and convenient layout. We put a premium on developing solutions that are easy to implement and use, have cutting-edge functions, and stimulate users like never before.

Does Evoverse work with other game systems?

Integrating third-party services is a breeze with Eovoverse. Our solutions are compatible with many different types of gaming software, so operators can make the switch with as little hassle as possible.

How secure are Evoverse's iGaming solutions?

Evoverse places a premium on safety. To protect operator and player data to the greatest standard, we use cutting-edge authentication and encryption methods.

What technology does Evoverse use in its iGaming solutions?

Evoverse uses cutting-edge technologies like blockchain and web3 to provide innovative and long-lasting iGaming options.

In what ways does Evoverse assist its customers?

Evoverse is dedicated to offering first-rate assistance to its clients. Clients can reach out to our specialized support team at any time (within the specified hours) with any questions, concerns, or requests they may have.

Can Evoverse assist with rollout and first user setup?

Absolutely. Eovoverse provides in-depth onboarding services to help new users quickly adapt to the platform. Our team collaborates closely with customers to answer their questions and solve any problems that may arise.