What is a game aggregator and how it can help casinos?

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In order to bolster player loyalty and maintain a competitive edge in the contemporary iGaming industry, casino operators place a high emphasis on providing an aesthetically pleasing and consistently updated collection of games. Here, game aggregators enter the fray in an effort to promote both established and upstart operators.

Each operator of an online casino recognizes the critical significance of accommodating the preferences of their clientele. This entails integrating games that appeal to players within their particular target demographic, enabling smooth transactions utilizing diverse currencies, and offering alluring jackpot prospects. This article will discuss casino aggregators, including their primary advantages and disadvantages, as well as the industry's top providers.

What is a Game Aggregator?

A widely utilized solution, a game aggregator acts as an intermediary between game studios and online casinos or sports wagering platforms and a variety of entertainment content providers. The primary objective of this category of solution is to facilitate the distribution and engagement of a wider variety of casino games and wagering options from multiple software providers on a single platform. This enables operators to offer their audiences a more comprehensive and varied gaming experience.

Typically, a game aggregator operates as follows:

  • Integration: Aggregators forge partnerships and accords of understanding with a multitude of game studios and iGaming B2B organizations. These providers' content is incorporated into their platforms via APIs or alternative integration techniques.
  • Centralized Platform: After the games from third-party providers have been integrated and made accessible via a centralized platform provided by the casino game aggregator, the online gambling platform can be utilized to manage and distribute the entertainment content to its users.
  • Diverse Game Selection: The aggregator provides an extensive and diverse selection of games by consolidating titles from a vast array of B2B platforms. This includes a wide variety of games such as slots, live dealer games, table games, poker, virtual sports, lottery, and esports, among others.
  • Easy Integration for Operators: By connecting to the gambling aggregator's platform, casinos can gain access to all integrated games without the need to develop distinct integrations with each game developer. This optimizes the procedure, resulting in time and labor savings for the casino proprietors.
  • Ongoing Support and Constant Updates: It is the responsibility of the casino game aggregator to uphold and modify the games contained on their platform. Additionally, they resolve any potential technical complications, enabling the casinos to concentrate on other facets of their operations.

The pros and cons of game aggregators

Utilizing wagering aggregators could be a game-changer for numerous up-and-coming iGaming companies, as well as established ones. Regardless, there are numerous benefits and drawbacks that must be considered.

Pros of using game aggregators:

  1. Time-efficiency – One of the primary advantages of collaborating with an aggregator is the substantial time savings that would be accumulated if one were to negotiate terms with each provider individually. The aggregator delegates the laborious responsibility of contract negotiations to its specialized legal team. By leveraging the services of an aggregator, operators can easily add games from multiple developers to their platforms without having to engage in distinct contractual negotiations.
  2. Support – Additionally, operators who form partnerships with wagering aggregators receive consistent assistance and support. In addition to technical maintenance, their responsibilities also include player account management and promotion provision.
  3. Advantageous conditions – Aggregators engage in partnerships with a multitude of casino proprietors, frequently quantifying to dozens or even hundreds. The considerable quantity enables them to negotiate more advantageous contracts with game studios and circumvent expensive establishment fees typically associated with renowned developers. Although operators incur a markup on their monthly payments, the resulting expenses are equally, if not more, attractive in comparison to the alternative of engaging directly with game providers.
  4. Bonuses and promotions – When providers register their products with a game aggregator, they compete for the attention and engagement of gamblers through the use of bonuses and promotions. As a result, these entities provide online gambling operators with exclusive promotions, incentives, tournaments, and a variety of advertising concepts. This astute maneuver cultivates increased patronage, thereby strengthening the position of the provider and operator in the ever-evolving iGaming industry.
  5. Single API Integration – Another noteworthy advantage provided by iGaming aggregators is the "single contract – multiple games" alternative. By adopting this methodology, administrators are no longer obligated to invest substantial time and financial capital in contract negotiations with every individual game provider. Conversely, an online casino may enter into a singular contractual agreement with a game aggregator, which would provide access to a wide variety of games customized to its specific needs.
  6. Exclusive game collection – Prioritizing current trends over the scope of iGaming B2B enterprises are game aggregators. They conscientiously curate and present an esteemed collection of outstanding, premium titles that showcase captivating and memorable visuals. This approach drives casino growth by capitalizing on the surge in popularity of popular games.

Cons of using game aggregators:

  1. Restricted number of providers –  In general, software providers are more likely to pursue direct integration options exclusively when they have a greater market presence. As an illustration, Playtech has recently made the strategic decision to refuse collaborations with new casino game aggregators. This determination limits the provision of their gaming content to companions who are already members.
  2. Maintenance and disruptions –  Your game aggregator may occasionally schedule extensive system maintenance. All of your activities may become temporarily inaccessible during such times. In a similar vein, analogous consequences may ensue should your system become compromised due to a security breach.
  3. Diverse promo offers from software providers –  A multitude of vendors offer diverse promotional offerings to casinos. Certain promotional resources, seasonal incentives, and gaming content are conveniently accessible through the client area. If you choose to collaborate through a game aggregator, you may not have access to these advantageous offerings.

How to choose the best game aggregator for your casino?

The selection of an appropriate game aggregator for a casino is an imperative choice that has the potential to greatly impact the operations and offerings of the establishment. Several significant and practical suggestions have been compiled here for your consideration prior to reaching your ultimate decision.

Define your objectives and requirements, as well as the casino game varieties you wish to provide. For further assistance, please refer to one of our most recent articles concerning casino games. Identify the preferences of your intended audience. Define your organization's long-term objectives and expansion strategies.

Investigate and compile a shortlist of aggregators, aiming for those that are reputable and well-established in the industry. One potential option is to utilize aggregators that provide a wide selection of games developed by reputable software providers. Consult testimonials and feedback from other users to determine the efficacy and dependability of the aggregator. Verify that both the aggregator and the games it provides are sanctioned by reputable wagering authorities.

Comprehend the pricing structure and revenue-sharing model of the aggregator, and contrast it with your financial constraints and anticipated revenue. Specify any concealed charges, maintenance fees, or additional charges that may apply. Assess the technical support and customer service provided by the wagering aggregator.

Select an aggregator that consistently incorporates newly added games from reputable software providers. This maintains a dynamic and ever-evolving game library at your casino. Give precedence to aggregators that adhere to rigorous security protocols in order to safeguard user data and guarantee equitable gaming standards.

Top game aggregators in iGaming

Utilizing a game aggregator enables one to efficiently and affordably procure and manage casino content in a timely manner. The market is flooded with leading casino game aggregators from leading iGaming software development companies, in response to the demand for this solution. Now, let us explore the top casino game aggregators that can serve as a valuable collaboration for numerous nascent operators.


Alea is a reputable and award-winning aggregator of casino games, prepared to revitalize your online casino's game library and performance with a single integration. By utilizing an extensive collection of more than 10,000 titles and effective player-engaging functionalities, a multitude of proprietors can attain significant outcomes. You can gain access to a multitude of titles and features by connecting your casino to a single API; there are no minimum requirements and no technical maintenance is required. All of the most competitive pricing and promotional offers can be negotiated through new alliances and bundled into a single contract.


Operating under the name EveryMatrix, SlotMatrix, a reputable casino game aggregator, grants casinos complimentary access to the most coveted game content without imposing any platform fees. SlotMatrix integrates invisibly with every gaming platform currently available. You have the ability to access a wide selection of 22,500 titles and more than 300 game developers through a single integration. This includes captivating content from their reputable RGS partners and proprietary gaming studios. Furthermore, by utilizing well-known promotional tools, you can enhance your endeavors to acquire and retain players, while also receiving round-the-clock support and specialized account management.


The leading aggregator of casino games in the iGaming industry, PariPlay, is expanding its FUSION aggregator to include new casinos. FUSION signifies a cohesive and optimized methodology for distributing content, placing principal emphasis on providing operators with exceptional return on investment (ROI) and heightened operational efficiency. By means of a collaboration with FUSION by PariPlay, casinos are granted access to an extensive range of tools designed to enhance conversion rates, player retention, and bonus structures. This enables them to penetrate diverse regulated markets and deliver gambling content that is completely tailored to local tastes. An additional noteworthy benefit is the round-the-clock availability of specialized professional assistance, which guarantees seamless operations.


BtoBet offers a resilient aggregation solution for casino games that cater to the needs of both emerging and established casinos. This feature grants operators the ability to customize their online casino offerings to cater to particular markets and user preferences. You gain access to a diversified portfolio of over 12,000 games from over 100 of the industry's leading B2Bs through the Content Aggregator from Neuron 3. These games are seamlessly integrated into a single portfolio. BtoBet guarantees that you benefit from a constantly expanding library of titles, which is consistently updated by the content providers to incorporate the most recent effective games.


Reevo, an additional casino game aggregator on our list, is a B2B gambling content provider whose mission is to provide its operator partners with the highest quality content and establish an unrivaled presence in the iGaming industry. By collaborating with industry-leading content providers and developing its own titles, Reevo guarantees that casino associates will have access to an extensive library of titles through a solitary API integration. Every companion offers unique advantages, serves particular target demographics and markets, and adheres to specific entry requirements—all supported by our exceptional customer service and account management.

ESA Gaming

ESA Gaming is widely recognized and esteemed as an independent iGaming provider and game aggregator, renowned for its outstanding entertainment offerings. One of the organization's noteworthy achievements is the development of EasySwipeTM, an assortment of exceptional HTML5 activities that have been carefully designed to operate in conjunction with sportsbooks. This integration enables spectators to engage in sports betting uninterrupted while enjoying premium casino gambling content. ESA Gaming's core values revolve around the provision of enjoyable and thought-provoking entertainment, with the intention that their games will be embraced for the appropriate motives. ESA Gaming adopts a highly committed stance towards Responsible Gaming, striving to recommend entertainment options that players can enjoy in a secure and equitable setting.

EGT Digital

With its superior content sourced from the finest iGaming developers and comprising over 8,000 titles from over 90 prominent suppliers, EGT Digital offers gaming experiences that are second to none. Operators have the ability to effortlessly customize their casino websites through the use of iFrame, widgets, or JS SDK. A single API integration provides direct access to a vast assortment of gaming content via the game aggregator, thereby assuring a rapid time to market. It offers the reassurance that a specialized gaming support staff is available to aid at all times. Additionally, the game aggregator recommends outstanding reporting tools that provide a thorough analysis of the performance of the casino platform.

iGaming Deck

The iGaming Deck, which is powered by iGaming Platform, a highly capable software provider, operates as an advanced game aggregator. It contains an extensive collection of renowned titles from the highest quality providers and seamlessly integrates with any casino platform through an application programming interface (API). A dedicated group of experts operates behind the aggregator to provide ongoing technical assistance and support to its operator partners during the integration process. This is achieved in collaboration with gaming content providers.

LuckyStreak | LuckyConnect

LuckyConnect, a well-established game aggregator that is endorsed by LuckyStreak, offers casinos a flexible yet uncomplicated API integration. The solution has been customized by a skilled team to provide users with access to high-quality slots and a wide variety of other casino games. As a result, the team has solidified its position as a leading provider of casino software. By utilizing the LuckyConnect, they operate as a comprehensive live casino solution. Operators are granted access to an extensive collection of live casino titles, in addition to a dynamic selection of games provided by third parties. In its capacity as an aggregator of iGaming solutions, the organization ensures that casino operators will have effortless access to additional game providers post-integration, without requiring further integration.


The NuxGame game aggregator streamlines an application programming interface (API) to enable rapid integration of an extensive collection of popular casino games onto a solitary, user-friendly platform. Furthermore, it provides extensive data analytics in conjunction with technical and marketing support to guarantee an ideal experience for both operators and participants. In addition to providing a vast array of games and a diverse selection of over 120 game providers, this platform also boasts efficient back office operations, technical support that is available 24/7, and frequent content updates that ensure players have access to the most recent game versions.


The extensive collection of the Uplatform game aggregator features a wide variety of top providers, timeless classics, and the most recent releases, making exploration simpler and more convenient for users. By integrating more than 40,000 live casino games from over 2,000 different providers onto a single platform, users are granted access to a wide-ranging assortment. Consistently incorporating novel and inventive service providers guarantees a fluid experience customized to specific markets. With the assistance of an industry-savvy professional staff, the platform provides advanced back-office functionality that provides insights into user activity, game performance, and monthly GGR dynamics.

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