10 Best iGaming Affiliates in 2024

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Affiliates are very important to iGaming marketing. They actively push online gaming platforms and get paid commissions for every new player they bring in.

This creates a partnership that benefits both parties. Tracking systems that are very advanced carefully watch what players do to make sure that leads go to the right affiliates and that commissions are calculated correctly.

But how and where can we see if it's working? We're going to look at 7 partner tracking platforms and their features today.

These platforms claim to have everything you need for marketing in the iGaming industry.

What is iGaming Affiliate Software?

iGaming affiliate software is a sophisticated solution optimized for the purpose of curating and streamlining iGaming affiliate marketing projects in the market. It allows iGaming operators to partner with affiliates who promote their products or services in exchange for commissions. Software solutions of this kind are intended to offer a number of functions to trace referrals, control repayments, and enhance affiliates’ performance.

Affiliate Software iGaming List


PartnerMatrix brings you the full set of affiliate management tools that can do all business direction work for you and even prove to be “an online business” itself. By doing post-actions like tracking referrals or commission management, the PartnerMatrix platform is now a centralized tool that will definitely help you monitor and analyze your affiliate program and its effectiveness.


The service provided by Affilka differentiates from others as it boasts sophisticated intelligence with the option to keep tabs on your affiliate program running. Affilka, with its built-in metrics and reporting tools, becomes the final decision-making factor at each stage, thereby bringing maximum success to your affiliate campaigns by optimizing them.


Thanks to Partenagrator, the integration with iGaming platforms is optimal and simplified, which, in turn, improves partnership fostering and networking management. Simple and convenient for your partners’ use, and good integration features guarantee mutual effective communication and cooperation.

Affiliate Control

Affiliate Control offers a wide range of commissions to pick and choose from, thus allowing you to set up the rules for your affiliate program that fulfill your exact requirements. Whether it is by means of revenue sharing, CPA (cost per acquisition), or a customized hybrid scheme, Affiliate Control is for you with flexible choices of commission plans to suit your business goals.


Cellexpert is a mobile-first affiliate solution supplier, which is a remarkable phenomenon in the iGaming industry as a lot of people are mostly interested in browsing mobile web pages in recent times. Through responsive design and seamless mobile engagement, Cellexpert users will be able to reach potential customers no matter what device they are using, which will result in a better user experience and user engagement.

Tap by Smartico

Tap from Smartico allows immediate insights that enhance the outcomes of affiliates through dynamic optimization tools that give you access to utilize your affiliate campaigns in real time, hence giving you the power to make necessary changes as they arise. Tap’s real-time metrics are available at a flick of the finger. These stats give you a clear picture, and you can leverage them for optimal decisions, maximizing your returns on your affiliate marketing spend.


With BetConstruct, you benefit from its all-in-one affiliate management platform and the huge toolkit of your affiliate program. Along with access to the required features, such as referrals and payouts, we provide you with all the tools you may need to manage your affiliate network properly. Nevertheless, for a $3000/month license fee and an additional $2k setup fee, I understand it might be a bit expensive.


NuxGame gives you a chance to adapt commissions in a way that is convenient for you and suits your demands. The commission plans with flexibility and transparent pricing options are the expense-saving tool that is offered by NuxGame for the proper management of your affiliate program. Here is a pricing outline, which can be obtained in Excel spreadsheets.


Scalability and performance tracking are among the strong sides of Trackier, and this makes it a good option for those affiliate programs that are in progress. As its design is scalable and its visitor tracking capabilities are very potent, Trackier can meet your affiliate marketing strategy quickly through network adaptation. Pricing starts at €199 per month.


TrafficManager offers a complete set of data collection and analytics tools you can use to track and monitor the affiliate performance of your program. Under Traffic Manager, you will benefit from precise metrics and the implementation of 'what works' initiatives for your affiliate program in order to maximize their performance. Pricing starts at €199 per month.

Considerations for Choosing iGaming Affiliate Software

  • Security: Ensure that the site does not have a weak security setup which will lead to leakage of your data to interested parties like hackers.
  • Customer Support: Carry out a search for a platform with an element of helpful customer service uniquely designed to solve your problems.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Compare software taking into account the laws concerning gambling in your part of the world.
  • Commission Management Systems: Fortunately, there are many programs offering affiliate links that enable you to decide the way you want to achieve your ambition and offer fair rewards.
  • Reporting and Analytics: Choose the software that includes the features: report to assist you in understanding whether the programs are effective or not.
  • Scalability: Consider if the software can deal with as fresh users increase and when business growth happens.


In summary, the said iGaming affiliate software does more than just help run affiliate marketing programs, as it is basically fundamental to online gambling platforms already. Instead of leaving this important function to trusted employees, businesses can now monitor affiliates’ efficiency, control payments appropriately, and improve the overall marketing campaign thanks to convenient software programs. Mitigating this problem carefully takes into account parameters such as security, scalability, and regulatory compliance so that the software platform is capable of choosing that which satisfies the needs of the business and leads it to success in the competitive iGaming industry.

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